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As well as new builds and extensions etc a large portion of our work over the years has been maintenance and repair.  
  • Roofing repairs / new roofing
  • Chimney repairs / new chimney
  • Lead flashing
  • Soffit / Fascia / Guttering
Roofs and chimneys are the parts of a property that require the most attention as they are exposed to all weather conditions
roof and chimney
Rising damp/Dry rot:
Another maintenance issue with older properties is:
  • Rising damp
  • Dry rot
At Morrow Construction we have completed many projects which includes:
  • Chemical damp coarse injection
  • Electro osmosis
  • Anti fungal treatment
  • Tanking solutions
We can also bring the U value of your property down with insulation solutions.
chemical damp coarse injection